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Mindset Coaching

We work together to investigate your mind. 

Explore, dream, reimagine and break down limiting beliefs to create the career and life you never even knew was possible.

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5. Master of Mentorship with Dr. Scott Friedman

I’m so delighted that my PI from my grad school years, the great Dr. Scott Friedman, agreed to be a guest on my podcast. He exemplifies excellent mentorship and today, in fact, teaches others how it's done.  For anyone looking to mentor others in the lab or otherwise, listen up and take notes! Also, please refer to his beautifully written Master’s Perspective written in Hepatology in 2015 (link below).

3. Fitting the “MD/PhD Mold” Just Right with Dr. Zahra Ghiassi-Nejad

My very first podcast guest is a rockstar physician-scientist and also a dear friend, Dr. Zahra Ghiassi-Nejad. The title of this podcast was inspired by something she said “Wait a minute...no one needs to tell me what to do and I can do it however I want to...or however I want to decide to proceed - use both of the degrees or one of them”

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My Big Why

When COVID led to the shut down of my postdoctoral lab, I went through some soul searching and put my BIG WHY with respect to the bench research to the test. I asked myself “WHY” as many times as I needed until I got to the root and most fundamental reason. 

If you are listening to this podcast and have put one and two together, you may recognize that I decided I could still uphold my values of making a difference in science by helping other physician scientists and researchers with their mental resilience. If I could help you all listening, then I could still be making an impact in science. 

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About Me

Growth Mindset Coach

I have been there and I know what it is like to be accomplished and yet wonder why it doesn't feel amazing. Haven't I arrived?

I got my MD and my PhD degrees and as I always imagined, I'm now a physician-scientist positioned to ask and solve life's most compelling medical mysteries. Unfortunately, I never questioned what I truly needed as a human being to feel a sense of fulfillment...until I found coaching a few years ago. 

It was through coaching that I started to question everything. I realized that I had put myself in a box, constantly following someone else's rules. I knew I was creative - that is what is needed to be at the interface of science and medicine. Yet, my career and work-life balance seemed to always be lagging behind. I complained and commiserated with other physician-scientists. Imposter syndrome was also a constant in my life. Coaching changed everything. I started asking myself what I wanted and got deep into creativity mode - for myself this time.

It would be my honor to lead you through your own journey of self discovery. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

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“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

Nora Ephron


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